Construction Inspection Mgt

Jeff Godwin
Assistant Public Works Director
Phone: 530-527-2605 ext. 3052

Vinnie Pagnano
Assistant Engineer II
Phone: 530-527-2605 ext. 3054

Justin Clark
Assistant Engineer I
Phone:  530-527-2605 ext. 3055

Encroachment Permit

The Engineering Department's Construction/Inspection Management section is responsible for the inspection of all public improvements under construction by the City or private developers. The staff strives to provide quality inspection services by ensuring that all construction is in accordance with approved plans and specifications and that compliance with the City of Red Bluff's construction standards and policies are maintained.

In an effort to render the greatest benefit to the citizens and visitors of Red Bluff, staff seeks innovative ways to reduce and/or avoid future maintenance costs, provide for public convenience and safety, and minimize public liability.

Construction/Inspection Management provides:

  • Inspection of capital improvement projects, commercial developments, residential subdivision and multi-family developments
  • Inspection of improvements, which include sewer, water, storm drains, curb and gutter, streets, traffic signals, parks and airports
  • Inspection of grading and work being accomplished under Encroachment Permit
  • Erosion control monitoring
  • Assistance preparing and updating the City's construction standards

For questions regarding inspection of residential or commercial structures, please call the City of Red Bluff Building Department at (530) 527-2605.