City Manager
Tom Westbrook


The City of Red Bluff is a general law city and governed through the City Council-City Manager form of government. The elected City Council establishes the policies of the City and appoints a qualified City Manager who is responsible for carrying out those policies and advancing the Council’s agenda. The Red Bluff Municipal Code establishes the position of the City Manager in accordance with the Council-Manager form. The City Council appoints the City Manager and City Attorney. The City Manager is responsible for managing the City’s human and financial resources by the policy direction of the City Council and to provide cost-effective quality municipal government services to Red Bluff’s citizens, property owners, and businesses.


Serving at the pleasure of the City Council, the City Manager assumes responsibility for the operations of the City including Public Safety (Police & Fire), Community Development, Planning, Building, Finance, Human Resources, Public Works, Deputy City Clerk’s Office, Parks & Recreation, and other administrative services.

The  Fire Chief, Police Chief, Finance Director, Public Works Director, Community Development Director, Deputy City Clerk, and HR Analyst II are appointed by and report directly to the City Manager. All other employees of the City report through their department head to the City Manager.

Tom Westbrook was officially appointed City Manager in May 2022. Mr. Westbrook has been part of the management team in Red Bluff, serving as Community Development Director since September 2021 before his appointment to City Manager. Mr. Westbrook was born and raised in Red Bluff and graduated from Red Bluff High in 1993; his family lives here and happily welcomed him back to his hometown. Prior to returning to Red Bluff, Mr. Westbrook served the City of Ceres for 20 years. Recently as City Manager and before that the Director of Community Development. Mr. Westbrook has a bachelor’s degree in City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning from California State University, Chico.  

Contact Information:
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