DATE OF MEETING:          July 7, 2005


TIME OF MEETING:           12:00 (noon)





Councilmembers Present:          Andy Houghton, Mayor                                

                                                            Wayne Brown

Larry Stevens


Councilmembers Absent:            Russ Frey

Forrest Flynn


Staff Present:                                  Susan Price, City Manager

Michael Damon, Fire Chief

                                                            Margaret Van Warmerdam, Finance Director

                                                            J. D. Ellison Sr., Building Director/Official

                                                            Gary Antone, Public Works Director/City Engineer

                                                            Nik Reikalas, Parks & Recreation Director

                                                            Donna Gordy, City Treasurer




Lamar Bayles led the Pledge of Allegiance at the request of Mayor Houghton and the assemblage joined in.











Nik Reikalas, Parks & Recreation Director, reviewed the staff report and the report submitted on the preliminary leak detection which was completed on July 1, 2005 and estimated that water leakage from the pool was at 37,575 gallons per day.  Staff’s recommendations are:


            1.   Main drain concerns – water epoxy applied immediately to drain cover – Securing the main drain cover will keep the cover from moving, thus preventing exposure to the main drain and a suction hazard.  This job will be performed by the Parks and Recreation Department staff and will cost approximately $10 to repair.


            2.   The 6” main drain being sealed in place is of temp design.  It is recommended by the City Building Department that the single drain be converted to a “T” design per the new pool design mandate of 01-01-2002.  This correction design may be included in the replacement of the now grand-fathered in 6” main drain change over to the now required 8” main drain for required 100% water turn over.


            3.   Perimeter leak at the tile/gutter level – silicone will be applied – This is a major leak area that was found by American Leak Detection and by applying this silicone application will address this section.  The Parks and Recreation Department will fill in the necessary grout/tile area with a cost of approximately $240 and will be performed immediately.  A water loss test will be performed by City staff after the completion of the caulking to determine the actual stopping of the water leak.


            4.   Proceed with the American Leak Detection analysis to determine whether the piping at the returns and main drain are leaking.  Additional cost of the pipe pressure test will be approximately $900.  The Parks and Recreation Department would proceed with this test based on the City Council’s recommendation.


            5.   A core test should be completed to ensure no piping has taken place due to the water leakage.  This point is stated in the previous GEOPlus Co. report item #3.


            6.   The loss of water should be addressed for the following reasons: conservation of water, added cost of chemicals, added electrical cost of the well pump supplying the water and maintenance cost to pump, continuous damage to pool if leaks are not stopped, possible environmental impact to the ground and the complete added cost to the City Budget due to the stated reasons.


            7.   If it is determined that the pipes are leaking, staff will note how much water and make another analysis at that time.  This repair is major and would require reconstruction of the return piping as well as the main drain piping (please see the above item number 2 for repair reference).  The cost to repair the return line piping as well as address the main drain plumbing and replacement of the pool deck and gutter system is estimated to be $150,300.  Funding for this repair is contained in the grant that was recently applied for and was anticipated to be fixed within the next two years utilizing the City’s cash mater ($70,000) and the grant funds ($163,000).  It is important to note that the grant application process is competitive, with more applications received than funding available, and there is no guarantee that the grant will be secured.  Thus, the City Council may need to consider other funding options for the needed repairs.


Susan Price, City Manager, stated that what the City is dealing with are two main issues and those are:


            1.   The leakage and how much and where or how it is occurring.

            2.  Secondarily the structural analysis that the Parks and Recreation Director spoke to in terms as to the core drills.


It has been authorized and continue to proceed with money from a line item funding the $6,000 structural analysis, but further along during the summer an additional budget appropriation may need to be made if money is used from this account for this work.


Mayor Houghton questioned what the total cost would be up to if the $8,000 was included.


Mr. Reikalas stated that currently $3,100 had been spent and if the $8,000 was included it would be in excess of $12,000.


Mayor Houghton requested clarification as to what point these tests would get the City to.


Ms. Price stated that it would get the City to a point as to understand exactly what is occurring with the leakage, where and what is occurring, as well as a structural analysis letting the City know if there are any structural issues with the pool.  The City has applied several times for grant money from the state, but it is very competitive.  The City Council may need to look at other funding options for the needed repairs if the grant is not received.


Mayor Houghton questioned if there was any doubt that repairs would need to be made underneath.


J. D. Ellison, Building Official/Director, stated that if the leaks are not stopped it will just make it worse than what it is now. 


Ms. Price stated that the City cash match to the grant was $70,000 and in absence of grant funding the City Council could still authorize the $70,000 to assist with repairs, but you may still need to budget an additional $35,000.  Staff has also spoken with the City’s insurance and at this time it is unclear as to what will be covered.  A claim will have to be submitted and the outcome is not clear at this time.


Mayor Houghton questioned if the pool would have to be closed and drained to make repairs.


Mr. Reikalas stated that caulking at the gutter level would not require complete draining, as well as applying the water epoxy to the drain.


Ms. Price stated that there may be some part of the testing where by the pool may have to be closed for a day.


Mr. Reikalas stated that if American Leak were to come back and check the pipes they asked that the pool be closed while doing so.


Ms. Price stated that what this testing will provide is an analysis of what needs to be done.


Mayor Houghton questioned that if work is found that needs to be done, would staff propose that it be held off under the summer season was over.


Ms. Price stated that she did not know if it’s not an emergency we could keep it open unless there is a problem with safety.


Mayor Pro Tem Brown questioned if repairs would be done after hours or close it down.


Mr. Reikalas stated that he would coordinate with the aquatic staff to make sure that it was done during a time so as to not impact swim lessons or public swim.


Mayor Pro Tem Brown stated that since at this time the City doesn’t know if grant money will be received the City actually only has $35,000 to work with, not the $70,000 as budgeted.

Ms. Price stated that was correct, but that she anticipated that the Council could fund the other $35,000 if needed.  However, staff will bring back to the City Council some other funding options, which might include some loan funding.  Recommend that staff does proceed with the tests to obtain the necessary information needed for work that needs to be done.


Mayor Houghton asked that if anyone from the audience wished to say anything.


Dave Gunner, resident, questioned if the pool closure would be permanent or just for repairs and if the pool would be destroyed and rebuilt at another location.


Ms. Price stated that it was unknown at this time and it is the hope of everyone to keep that pool operational and that is the purpose of getting this information.


Mr. Gunner stated that he hoped that it stayed open.


Mayor Houghton stated that everyone did and that they would not be spending $12,000 if it was going to be closed.


Mr. Reikalas stated that it was the health and safety aspect that was the first concern of the City and that the City was looking out for the best interest of the public.


Daniela Sartori, concerned citizen, stated that the pool did have a lot of community support and questioned how the community could help the City Council to obtain the grants needed for the pool.  The reason this was being asked is because if the pool is closed and with the Sacramento River near by it would endanger a child who may go to the river to swim.


Mr. Reikalas stated that a grant official for the grant did visit the Parks during the last two weeks and that she is aware of the drowning factor.


Mayor Houghton requested that the City Manager review the future options for those in attendance so that they know how expensive this may be if there is major damage.


Ms. Price stated that in the year 2000 the price for renovation was $1.3 million, however the $1.3 million was broken down to $800,000 for the pool and another $500,000 for the buildings.  So we may not have to do anything to the buildings at this time.  Complete replacement of the pool was estimated at $2.3 million.  The audience was told that they could contact state legislators about the need for pool funding.


Robert Jackson, Tehama County Teacher, expressed his concerns regarding the safety of the children in Tehama County and asked that everyone in attendance write a letter to Senator Sam Aanestad and State Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa requesting help in keeping the pool open.


Councilmember Larry Stevens stated that he and Councilmember Russ Frey attended Legislative Action Day and that packets had been delivered to Assemblyman LaMalfa, Senator Aanestad and the State Treasurer and that if letters are written to please make sure that a copy is mailed to the State Treasurer also.  He was told that there are different funding sources and if they find that the community is behind what the City is trying to do, it’s very important.


Ms. Price stated that if calls are made or letters were written to be sure to note in it that it was understood that the City of Red Bluff has a grant application in to the California Parks Department and that you would like support and additional funding, which would be referred to as Legislative Appropriation.


M/S/C Brown, Stevens to prepare letters for the Mayor’s signature to the State Legislators requesting Legislative Appropriation and to approve the expenditure of up to $8,000 from Fund 60-62-Special Supplies and Services for the continued work of the consultant.


AYES: Councilmembers:                  Brown, Houghton and Stevens

NOES:                                                None

ABSENT OR NOT VOTING:  Councilmembers:   Flynn and Frey (both absent)


At 1:00 P.M. Mayor Houghton adjourned the meeting to July 19, 2005 at 7:00 P.M., in the Red Bluff City Council Chambers.



                                                            s/b Andy Houghton





s/b Gloria Shepherd

 City Clerk