DATE OF MEETING:            December 13, 2004


TIME OF MEETING:              8:15 A.M.


PLACE OF MEETING:           Red Bluff City Council Chambers 


The agenda for this meeting was posted pursuant to Resolution No. 28-1995


Councilmembers Present:            Larry Stevens, Mayor

Andy Houghton, Mayor Pro Tem

Russ Frey

Gregg Avilla

Forrest Flynn


Councilmembers Absent:            None


Staff Present:                      Susan Price, City Manager

                                                Margaret Van Warmerdam, Finance Director

                                                Al Shamblin, Police Chief

                                                Cheryl Smith, Deputy City Clerk


Mayor Stevens called the Red Bluff City Council Special Meeting to order at 8:15 a.m.








Susan Price, City Manager, reviewed the staff report and gave staffís recommendation that the City Council approve Resolution No. 69-2004 Ė A Resolution Suspending Enforcement of No Parking on Sidewalks in the Downtown Area for Menís Night Out and Show and Shine Motorcycle Contest and provide direction to staff regarding any insurance requirement for the special event.


Linda Bullock, President of the Downtown Red Bluff Merchants Association, stated that the Business Improvement District was formed to help promote downtown businesses and the goal is to show the public that they can come downtown and shop.  Every year the Downtown Red Bluff Merchants Association tries to come up with ideas to lure shoppers downtown.  This year the idea was thrown out to have a menís night out shopping event and have a motorcycle show and shine the same evening to entice the men out and at the same time have a walking poker run to bring the men into the stores to shop.  She stated that this event was reported on at their October meeting, which City Manager Susan Price, was in attendance and was also reported on by John Gumm at the November meeting at which both Ms. Price and Planning Director Charlie Mullen were in attendance at and that nothing was said until Thursday, December 9th, 2004.  Questioned why now, a few days before the event itís being questioned.


John Gumm, Chairman of ďMenís Night OutĒ, stated that the event was to promote shopping in the downtown area and that they had no idea that this would provoke such a crisis and upheaval in City government.  He had spoken to the City Manager and was told that she did not think that there would be a problem, but that they should send a letter to the City.  He did send a letter asking that the motorcycle owners not be cited for parking their motorcycles on the sidewalks in front of participating businesses.  The City responded by saying that there were some concerns about motorcycles falling over on someone and the City being sued.  The City Manager told us that we needed to have their insurance name the City as an additional insured for the event.  The cost to add the City of Red Bluff as an additional insured on the Downtown Red Bluff Merchants Association liability insurance was $136.00.


Susan Price, City Manager, stated that normally what the City does is have a letter that provides the details of the event faxed to the City.  She stated that no one was saying that they didnít want to have the event, but the City Council has to adopt a Resolution to deal with parking and/or no parking on City streets and sidewalks.  In terms of the insurance, the City has been working with their Joint Powers Agency to look at the special events held within the City and see what might be required.


Mr. Gumm questioned if other events are required to add the City has an additional insured to their insurance policy.


Ms. Price stated that the City is in the process of doing that.   This is something that our Joint Powers Agency is requesting that the entire Cities in the group do.


Mayor Stevens stated that he had taken pictures over the weekend of cars parked on the sidewalks in front of dealerships and asked that staff deal with it.


Ms. Price stated that staff would be bringing a policy to the City Council in terms of all the events held, along with a recommendation of the Joint Powers Agency.


Councilmember Avilla commended both the Chamber and the Downtown Red Bluff Merchants Association for bringing events to Red Bluff.  He further stated that if there is not a policy, which it appears that there isnít, then we need one that is reasonable, fair and one that you can abide by.  Itís shocks him that the City is in the situation now talking about this, when it should be something that weíre really happy about.


Ms. Price stated that the event was discussed in concept and yes some of City staff was present, but she likes to see these requests in writing. 


Councilmember Avilla stated that it would be nice to have some kind of policy so that everyone knows whatís expected.


Mary Jane Eidman stated that the frustration lies in that they didnít know there was a protocol, and that there is any real protocol.  Why does the City want to start in the middle of their event?


Councilmember Flynn stated that he agreed with Ms. Eidman and commended the business owners for putting out the effort and he also commended staff for trying to protect the City and stated that everyone just needed to be on the same page.


Mayor Stevens questioned whether or not the City could reimburse the Downtown Red Bluff Merchants Association for this event because of catching them at the last minute on this and then developing the policy and a check list so that when events occur on public streets and/or sidewalks that the question of insurance is on that application.


Ms. Price stated that all the money collected for the Downtown Assessment District is passed on to the association to promote downtown.


Mayor Stevens questioned if there was a legal way to reimburse them.


Ms. Price stated that the City Council could direct staff to do so.


Margaret Van Warmerdam stated that the City collects all the fees and then passes them on to HRBA.  They then cut a check to the City of Red Bluff for the $500 administration fee.


M/S/C Frey, Avilla that the City of Red Bluff reimburse the Downtown Red Bluff Merchants Association $136 and direct staff to develop a policy with a checklist in place for the future and bring back to the City Council.


Mayor Pro Tem Houghton questioned if this would set precedence for future events.


Ms. Price stated that staff would talk to the Chamber and coordinate a list of all events, our Joint Powers Agency will recommend an insurance limit for each event and bring that back to the City Council and then any new event would be brought back separately as each event will be different.


AYES:  Councilmembers:  Avilla, Flynn, Frey, Houghton and Stevens




Mr. Gumm stated that the Police Chief was concerned that other motorcycle people that may come in that were not part of the Show and Shine.


Al Shamblin, Police Chief, stated that he did have some questions when he first received the list, as he did not know how it had been advertised, etc.  Once he had spoken with Mr. Gumm and found out the people who were involved in the event his only concern was the liability.


M/S/C Flynn, Avilla to adopt Resolution No. 69-2004 Ė A Resolution Suspending Enforcement of No Parking on Sidewalks in the Downtown Area for Menís Night Out and Show and Shine Motorcycle Contest.


AYES:  Councilmembers:   Avilla, Flynn, Frey, Houghton and Stevens




There being no further business Mayor Stevens adjourned the meeting at 8:40 a.m. until December 21, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. in the Red Bluff City Council Chambers.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                s/b Larry Stevens

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s/b Gloria Shepherd

City Clerk