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Parking / Driveway Standards


  1. Minimum aisle width one way 12' - Two way 20'
  2. Turning radius minimum 25' at centerline of auto path.
  3. Slope of lot for sheet flow: 6% maximum, 1% minimum.
  4. Driveway slope for commercial use, 10% maximum (Residential may be greater, however, a driveability study shall be made.)
  5. Lots with 4 or more required spaces: 25% may be for compacts.
  6. Compact spaces shall be marked "SMALL CAR" or "COMPACT", using 12" high letters painted white.
  7. Angle Parking - Approved wheel stops are required except when parking bumper to bumper.
  8. All parking spaces shall have a side clearance to any type of fixed object of 30".
  9. When one-way driveways are used, approved directional signs shall be placed at the entrance or exit to the access street, as well as directional arrows marked on the pavement.
  10. Handicapped parking: Comply with requirements stated in The California State Building Standards Code: (Title 24, CCR)


Driveways shall not be excessive in number or width so that they are to the detriment of the abutting street capacity or efficiency. The total width of driveways shall not exceed 60 percent of the frontage. Driveway width is measured at the curb line, and consists of the total width of the depressed and transition sections. Maximum width shall be 35 feet unless drive is located on a street with a posted speed of 45 mph or greater, or the driveway is common. Maximum width may then be 40 feet. Minimum width shall be 15 feet. A parcel shall be normally limited to two driveways per fontage. The distance between drivewasy shall be greater than six feet. Spacing is encourange that permits a full parking space to be maintained between drives (20 feet). Joint use driveways may be permitted in special cases. Driveway grades shall be designed to preclude any part of an automobile from dragging on the street or driveway. (Resolution #44 1990 Section IV Item #23)

See Also Zoning Code (Chapter 25 of the Red Bluff City Code) City of Red Bluff,
Zoning Article XXIII - Parking and Loading Standards

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